Curses in Minecraft

31 January, 2023

Curses in Minecraft

While Minecraft's enchantments can help players gain strength, there are some curse enchantments which don't. There are many magical items that can be enchanted in Minecraft. This allows players to become stronger and have different magical powers.

These enchantments are either applied using an enchanting book or an enchanting table. Some of these enchantments are common, while others are rare and cannot be used with the table. Some of these treasure enchantments include curse of binding or curse of disappearing. Although treasure enchantments should have powerful and valuable properties, they are not boons.

What are the curse of binding and disappearing enchantments in Minecraft

These enchantments can only be found in very few places. These enchantments cannot be applied or found via an enchanting tableau. Players will need to search chest loot, bartering and trading for them. They can be found in a book, or they can already be applied to an armor or tool.

Curse of Binding

The curse of binding is the first curse enchantment. This is found in nearly all chest loot, in naturally-generated structures, or through trading with a librarian. As it is a curse, this will always be displayed in red. This cannot be used on armor parts or Elytra.

This will bind any armor or Elytra to the player's body. The player will not be able remove the cursed armor from his/her body. You can only remove the armor by continuing to use it until it breaks or dying to respawn.

Curse of Vanishing

Another curse is the curse that you disappear. This curse can be applied on all types of weapons, armor, and tools. This treasure enchantment can only be obtained in chest loot, or through trading with librarians. This enchantment's name will also be in red, since it is a curse.

This enchantment makes any tool that has it have the tendency to disappear after a player dies. Players won't have the ability to retrieve that tool, weapon, or armor after they die while it is still in their inventory.