How to find Amethyst geodes in Minecraft

18 January, 2023

How to find Amethyst geodes in Minecraft

Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs update added many new features, including fish and Axolotls. Another big addition to Minecraft is Amethyst geodes, which you will need if you want to make a spyglass.

You can now enjoy Minecraft with a lot more, including the Minecraft How to Train Your Dragon DLC. It is truly an exciting time to play the game. We look forward to the second part of the major update later this year.

We have all we know about the new Amethyst geodes and how to make the spyglass.

How to locate Amethyst geodes within Minecraft

Amethyst geodes, which are precious gemstones similar to the long-standing diamonds and emeralds, are well worth looking for. There are many things you can do with them.

You will need to search deeper underground to find Amethyst geodes - at least level 70 or lower - or you could search under the ocean in the main world and look for their spherical structures.

When you see smooth basalt, you'll know that you're on the right path. Then it is time to get a pickaxe out and start chipping away. This is where Calcite will be found which is not available anywhere else in the game.

Keep your pickaxe close by. You will be using it to dig for amethyst crystals and blocks in the first layer. Make sure the pickaxe you choose is iron or tougher.

You can also make an amethyst-block by combining four amethyst fragments.