Minecracft Enderman guide

The Enderman is one the most mysterious characters in Minecraft. These dark, tall creatures are neutral mobs until they are attacked or viewed. They can cause a lot of damage and even kill players. There are several things players can do to gain an edge over the creepy mob in Minecraft if they end up fighting them.

The mob can be defeated with a few tricks and tips. Although the mob is powerful and fast, it has one advantage: it can teleport. However, players can still take advantage of their limitations. Players can use the right items to defeat Enderman and even kill them. These are some easy ways to defeat an Enderman in Minecraft.

The simplest way to defeat Enderman in Minecraft

You can trap them in boats

The mob can be trapped in a boat by players and killed without them attacking. Mobs can enter a boat in Minecraft if they are walking towards it. A mob cannot move, teleport or attack the player if it enters a boat. Players can put a boat in front the mob to provoke them. Players can easily attack the mob if they enter the boat.

Use the water trick

This is something that many new players may not be aware of. Endermen are unable to come into contact with water. Players who use water to fight Endermen will not be able attack them or get near. After hitting the players, players can either remain in a water body or use a bucket to pour water onto land to fight the mob.

A two-block high roof is possible

Players will be able to see that Enderman is three blocks taller than their characters, which are only two blocks. Players can build a two-block tall roof and fight the mob from beneath it. The mob can't enter the area if they are under the roof. They can hit them with ease and fight.