Minecraft Secret Command

12 December, 2022

Minecraft Secret Command

A Minecraft secret command sounds like something you would find in the best Minecraft mods. But this one is only available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This is why some people might not have seen it.

You can use the Minecraft console commands to do many things, including controlling the weather and locating biomes. There are some commands that are more complex. The PlayAnimation command lets you see the different animations. They can be applied to the Minecraft character and other mobs, even though that is not the intention.

The Mysticat video focuses solely on the search for this command and the absurd effects it has on the player model and other entities. There are many highlights to the video, but Mysticat's absolute unit of a frog is the most notable. We love Minecraft frogs and so making them larger is a natural thing.

After you've completed the video, you can go ahead and check our list of the top Minecraft servers. They're often the place where the strange and wonderful things happen. You might also want to take a look at the best Minecraft builds, as inspiration can be a great thing.