Minecraft villager jobs

24 November, 2022

Minecraft villager jobs

You need food, items and shelter to survive in a Minecraft world. There are also tables that can be used to upgrade your tools. All of this can be provided by one mob in-game. Yes, those are Minecraft villagers. These passive mobs can be your best friend because they can trade and spawn with different items. However, not all villages are created equal. We will be explaining all Minecraft villager jobs in this article. These descriptions will show you the best types of villagers for each Minecraft biome. These jobs have remained the same even with Minecraft 1.18. All you have to do is search for a Minecraft village and interact with the villagers. Let's now get to the point. Some Minecraft servers even let you roleplay as a villager.

How do villagers get their jobs in Minecraft?

It is important to understand how these roles are assigned before we can look at common villager jobs in Minecraft. The utility blocks around the village are what determine their jobs. These blocks are also called job site blocks. A composter near a villager can automatically make a farmer if it is located nearby. Many villagers, however, are jobless due to the limited utility blocks.

You can craft the necessary utility blocks near a villager to give them a specific profession. This will make it possible for the villager to choose the block's associated profession. You can then trade for completely different items with the same villager. We have provided crafting instructions for each job site block in addition to the description of each Minecraft villager job.

1. Armorer

Block Job: Blast Furnace. Job Brief: Trade iron, armor, chain

The first job villager can hold is an armorer. An armorer trades armor pieces, as the name implies. The blast furnace is the heart of this villager job. It is used to melt Minecraft ores. You can trade for pieces of armor, a bell and a shield. An expert-level armorer may be able to provide you with enchanted pieces of diamond armor.

2. Cleric

Job Block: Brewing Stand Job Brief : Offers magic items, Redstone dust and even Bottle of Enchanting

Clerics are able to provide rare and magical items in Minecraft. Trading with clerics is one of the best jobs in Minecraft. Redstone dust and glowstone can be obtained from clerics. Even if there isn't a cleric available in your village you can assign the job to a village by creating a Minecraft brewing stand. This guide will assist you in getting started.

3. Cartographer

Job Site Block: Cartography Tab Job Brief: Trades maps and frames

Sometimes cartographers can be the most expensive villager in the game. They are worth the effort. You can start by getting empty maps, frames and banners from them. But that's not all. They also offer ocean and woodland explorer maps. The specialized maps can be used to locate ocean monuments, woodland mansions and hidden treasure. Cartography tables are the job site or utility block. It is used primarily to create maps for the game.

4. Butcher

Job Site Block: Short Description: Offers stew and cooked meat

The butcher provides cooked meats and rabbit stew. Sometimes, the butcher will offer 8 pieces of cooked chicken for one emerald. Butchers are the best source of food if you can't find any other food items. The smoker is the utility block of a butcher. This table can be used to cook meat in the game quicker than a regular stove.

5. Farmer

Job Block: Composter Job Description: Provides high-quality food items and ingredients

Without mentioning farmers, it is impossible to talk about Minecraft villager jobs or villagers. These are the most common and popular types of villagers in Minecraft. Farmers can offer high-level food items as well as ingredients for some of the most powerful Minecraft potions. This means that you can trade bread and pie, apples, cookies, cakes, stew, and cake at lower levels. Expert farmers can offer golden carrots or glistering slices of melon while you wait. The best way to make bonemeal is to place them next to a composter.