What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

22 October, 2022

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft: Education Edition is a learning-specific edition of the block-based game. This allows teachers to control the game and help students learn as they interact with the virtual world.

Minecraft: Education Edition is great for both classrooms and remote access. Students can go on a virtual field trip through time and space. You can also have groups collaborate on a project regardless of their location.

Minecraft: Education Edition is available for all ages and covers all grades. Many colleges use Minecraft to offer virtual tours, orientation groups, and remote learning times to help students integrate.

What's the catch? Minecraft: Education Edition is not free. But, more details are below. This will allow you to decide if the investment in this virtual world with almost unlimited resources is worthwhile.

Here's everything you need about Minecraft: Education Edition for Teachers.

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft is a block-based game with virtual design controls. It allows anyone to create virtual worlds that they can use to play as their character and roam around freely.

There are many sub-games, but we'll just be focusing on the Education Edition offerings.

The Minecraft: Education Edition offers special features that teachers can use to control the virtual worlds their students are using. This makes it safer, allows teachers to keep students focused on a task and creates options for communication.

The game can be played on a variety of platforms, including desktops and laptops as well as Chromebooks and tablets. It is an excellent option to provide a virtual environment that doesn't require a network connection, making it extremely inclusive.

What's good about Minecraft: Education Edition for students?

It continues to be a popular tool for teaching, and it's not surprising. Students find it engaging and appealing because of its gaming nature, especially Minecraft, which is used in over 115 countries.

The game helps students develop project-based skills. Students can work together or individually on problem-solving lessons. STEM learning is possible in a digitally-friendly environment that encourages digital citizenship and confidence in the real world.

Students can easily take a screenshot of the task and send it to their teacher for assessment. Students can also use this tool to create a portfolio of their work.

Students can even learn code by using the Code Builder mode. Students can experiment with introductory Chemistry and use code to explore oceanography.

Why is Minecraft Education Edition so good for teachers?

Minecraft: Education Edition allows teachers to share the benefits of Minecraft with other teachers. There are many ways to get involved in discussions boards and collaborate with other schools.

Teachers will find many tools on the website to make their job easier. There are many lesson plans and tutorial videos available. Some of these worlds can be downloaded so that you can use them as templates for creating lessons. You can also connect to mentors, trainers, or other educators through the platform.

The Classroom mode allows teachers the ability to view a map of the virtual world and zoom in or out to interact with students. If a student wanders, they can move it back to their correct place.

Chalkboards can be used by teachers to give instructions and goals to students. Teachers can also create non-playable characters to guide students from one task into the next.

What does Minecraft Education Edition cost?

Although it sounds expensive to think of an endless world with lots of education-focused tools students want to use, it is actually very affordable.

Minecraft: Education Edition has two pricing options:

- A $5 per user, per year fee is charged for a small school with one class.

Volume licensing is available from Microsoft for schools with more than 100 students and multiple classrooms that use the game. This is part of the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions program. Prices will vary depending upon the school size and the plan selected.

Hardware must also be considered. Most computers, tablets, and laptops can run Minecraft. Windows 10, macOS, iOS for tablets, or Chrome OS for Chromebooks are the minimum requirements for full computer versions.

Minecraft Java vs. Minecraft Bedrock - What's the difference?

Minecraft is available in two versions. They are sold separately and can't be interchangeable. Which one should you choose? Minecraft Java, the original, is available on the company's website. It is only for PC. Minecraft Bedrock edition can be obtained through mobile devices, consoles and the Microsoft Store. It works on all of those and Windows 10.

It is important to ensure that you have the same version as your students so that you can work together online. Bedrock doesn't offer Hardcore mode. This means that you can't respawn after you die. Spectator, which allows you to fly around the world, is also not available in Bedrock.

If this is your first time purchasing the game, it's worth noting the Java edition offers more mods than Bedrock. Bedrock has many paid content add-ons. However, Bedrock is more suitable for cross-platform gameplay and runs a lot smoother.